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Identify gaps in the crypto-space and build architecture to support all the ways that communities grow, interact, and create value.

CryptoSyndicate is a technology development and communications firm that builds critical applications for the crypto market. Founded by CEO Enrique Gutierrez, we began in 2017 as a collective of business analysts,  traders, and developers with a passion for blockchain technology. Based on our experiences as a community, we realized that the crypto space needs and deserves specific platforms for discussion, collaboration, and education.

SynQ Suite is building the architecture of the crypto space as it comes of age

SynQ is an advanced communication platform built specifically for crypto communities. As the flagship application of our Suite, SynQ offers multi-functional chat messaging, enhanced community management tools, and integration with a supporting suite of crypto applications.





CryptoSyndicate is on SynQ, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iTunes, and YouTube. Catch our free analysis offerings available to all who follow along.

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CryptoSyndicate is dedicated to raising money for humanitarian organizations that use the majority of their funds to benefit people in need while limiting administrative overhead. We promote donations to organizations that bring a positive impact to people in times of crisis.


Mercy Ships are state-of-the-art facilities that offer clean water, reliable electricity, and care centers. Because more than 50% of the population lives within 100 miles of the coast, they are able to sail a modern hospital ship with a crew of 400 volunteers directly to people who lack access to first-rate medical care.

At any given time during its nearly 40-year history, Mercy Ships has had between 1 and 3 ships in service. Currently, the Africa Mercy is the only Mercy Ship in service, but it represents greater capacity than all prior hospital ships combined. Since the deployment of the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships has been committed to adding another ship to the fleet.