Top dApp Platforms Infographics

Top dApp Platforms Infographics

Top dApp Platforms Infographics

The conception of dApps was first proposed in 2013, when Vitalik Buterin documented the idea in the whitepaper of the alternative platform he was developing. It was realized in 2014 when the Ethereum blockchain was successfully released. The ETH platform was designed as an open-sourced protocol dedicated to accommodating decentralized applications, or dApps, and the idea proved to be revolutionary for the cryptocurrency industry. Since then, decentralized application development has progressed to become integral to most, if not all, cryptographic platforms including TRON, EOS, Neo, and etc.

A visual comparison between decentralized and centralized networks. Source: newgenapps

Traditional network architecture are typically centralized servers, and offers far less security. This is a major talking point for blockchain proponents, and one with good reasons. However, blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and decentralized application provides a user-friendly portal access to the platforms and the technology they offer, much like the applications available on your personal devices.

With the numerous amounts of available dApps currently available, the options can be overwhelming and the research daunting. We at the CryptoSyndicate have been putting in time to document a number of dApps specific to each platform into a series of visualized infographic for your reference. Included are not our recommendations, but a collection of decentralized applications rated with the most volume, transactions, registered users, and etc.



The #3rd cryptocurrency with the most capitalization currently on the market, and the first platform that revolutionized decentralized application, Ethereum supports a wide array of available dApps of various utility.


Currently the #4th most popular cryptocurrency, EOS follows in Ethereum’s dApps footstep with a platform designed with delegated proof-of-stake, utilizing delegates to confirm new blocks.


The cryptocurrency token with the #8th most capitaliaztion in the market, Tron aims to connect multiple levels of entertainment, gaming, commerce, and more, with decentralized applications.