The Syndicate

The CryptoSyndicate started organically in the Summer of 2017 when Josh Lambert started a small chat group from Facebook. Initially, it included Adam Estabrook and Joe Buccini. Soon after, Josh invited Enrique Gutierrez who had just recently registered domain name so his team, comprised of Evan Wiedling and Duy Nguyen, could publish Business Intelligence reports for Blockchain companies in the space.

Since then The CryptoSyndicate recruited, lightly – finding incredible researchers and stand-outs in the community. Our team was lucky to add Karthik Potluri, Zach Daniels, Zane Whitener, Mason Entrican, Leon Snoei, Billy Smith, Nick Mancini, Gus Cralle, and Gumby as the weeks went on.

Each of the members contribute both in the community and behind the scenes in the boardroom.

The CryptoSyndicate aims to provide intelligent insights into quality investments and trades that are backed by research and data for businesses that take both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency seriously.

We currently publish monthly premium intelligence reports on various market segments of the cryptocurrency markets, business and market analysis blog posts, daily news, weekly podcasts, and market insights to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Google Play Music, and here on our site. We offer consulting, custom report packages for businesses, and as of February 2018 are an Incorporated entity – the first of it’s kind – for Blockchain services.

Why flowers on the logo? They’re tulips.

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