Participation in the cryptocurrency market is complicated.

No other market is quite so demanding of its retail investors. Distributed ledger technology, token economics, finance, marketing, a deliberately insular community culture — crypto users must navigate it all.

But credible information is scarce, and the speed of market movement demands fast response times. For lack of a single trusted source of data,  consumers have turned to the most reliable resource at their disposal: each other.

The average crypto user participates daily in multiple discussion groups on a variety of platforms. The fragmentation is a bug, not a feature; no user enjoys running six chat applications and dozens of browser tabs just to access basic market data and discussion.

Pure inconvenience limits the crypto market to highly motivated, digitally native consumers with the tech savvy to hammer non-crypto communication platforms into usable shape.

The fragmentation presents a powerful market opportunity as the crypto space approaches widespread adoption. As of Q3 2018, total market capitalization is approximately $250 billion with an estimated 1.25% global market reach among consumers, just under the 1.5% threshold typically regarded as the tipping point that triggers critical mass adoption. Over the past year, high absolute returns, early institutional investment, and increased regulatory clarity have set the table for rapid growth in this potential trillion-dollar industry.

Despite the information barriers to entry, the crypto market has grown into a serious arena for investment. Crypto users need a digital space to call their own, one designed to meet the information, discussion, and education needs of the communities who power the market.

Welcome to SynQ, an advanced communication platform built for crypto communities. SynQ offers multi-functional chat messaging, enhanced community management tools, and integration with a supporting suite of crypto educational, task management, and data aggregation applications. Using a searchable landing dashboard that spotlights trending topics and groups, SynQ establishes one address where crypto communities live, learn, and engage in discussion that moves markets.

The integrated SynQ Suite includes the following components:

  • SynQ, our flagship next-gen communication platform.
  • SynQ EDU, a crypto education application with course content provided by influencers, developers, and experienced traders.
  • SynQ TEAM, an agile task management application that streamlines community discussion into actionable workflow.

The SynQ Suite is being developed by CryptoSyndicate, Inc., the business entity behind a network of well-regarded crypto discussion groups. Led by CEO and CTO Enrique Gutierrez, senior management also includes COO Nick Mancini, formerly of Deutsche Bank’s Innovation Labs, and CMO David Hoverman, a digital marketing expert with experience guiding ICOs through the startup formation process.

As a bootstrapped company, CryptoSyndicate has currently developed each component of SynQ to at least 70% alpha phase completion.