The SynQ Next-Gen Communication App for Crypto Enters Private Beta

The SynQ Next-Gen Communication App for Crypto Enters Private Beta

With beta release, SynQ users can now create their own crypto community spaces.

Flagship communities on SynQ: Too Broke for Bitcoin, Hoard Invest, and CryptoMarket360.

The SynQ advanced communication platform for crypto communities today entered private beta for select communities and users. The platform aims to become the premier address for crypto communities, providing critical tools to scale and grow at the pace of the fast-moving markets.

As part of private beta release, select users will have access to a host of new features and customizations, including the ability to create crypto communities on the SynQ platform. Early adopter communities include Ash Roulston’s Too Broke for Bitcoin, the ICO community for Hoard Invest, and the discussion forums for CryptoMarket360.

“We’re excited to have such a diverse and established set of communities join us on SynQ,” said CEO Enrique Gutierrez. “They all require unique infrastructure and moderating tools to grow and develop. It speaks to the adaptability of SynQ that the platform meets each of their needs without special integrations or add-ons.”

The centerpiece of the beta update is SynQ’s new community browser, a landing page that brings together key information about each community in one easy-to-navigate directory. Users can search community names, browse by topic tags, and join new communities with a single click. Moderators have full control over their community profile on the browser, with the ability to show or hide their groups on the community browser and edit their community’s profile picture, tagline, and filterable tags.

SynQ Suite is developed by CryptoSyndicate, a crypto business intelligence group and software development startup. After a successful alpha launch in August, SynQ’s momentum shows no signs of slowing, with dozens of UX enhancements such as custom emojis, GIPHY keyboards, customizable user notifications, and community badges.

The additions come on top of a slate of existing community moderating tools, including read-only channels and the ability to ban, report, follow, and mute users for specified periods of time.

“With alpha, we let users experience the framework of the SynQ community experience,” said Gutierrez. “Now beta gives moderators control over how they’re discovered and perceived by new users, other communities, and the greater crypto space.”

Access to SynQ Beta is by invitation only. To sign up for the waitlist, visit


SynQ Suite is currently available in Android and iOS mobile and web apps. Visit Google Play or the App Store to download.

Visit for more information about SynQ, the first application suite designed specifically for crypto communities. For product updates and announcements, follow SynQ on Facebook and Twitter.

CryptoSyndicate is a technology development and communications firm that builds critical applications for the crypto market. Founded by CEO Enrique Gutierrez, CryptoSyndicate began in 2017 as a collective of business analysts, traders, and developers with a passion for blockchain technology. Based on their experiences as a community, they realized that the crypto space needs and deserves specific platforms for discussion, collaboration, and education.

CryptoSyndicate’s mission is to identify gaps in the crypto-space and build architecture to support all the ways that communities grow, interact, and create value. Visit the website at