s02e05 – Haruspex AMA

s02e05 – Haruspex AMA

In this week’s episode of CryptoHaruspex, we were joined on our all-new Haruspex AMA by Ash Roulston, founder of crypto educational site Cryppick. A crypto influencer, community administrator, software engineer, and now author, Ash stopped by the Haruspex AMA to chat about her new book, Too Broke for Bitcoin, and the current state of the crypto markets.

Ash also made a huge announcement during the Haruspex AMA: The book community for Too Broke for Bitcoin is coming to SynQ! Ash’s book community is one of the first flagship adopter communities on the platform, and we’re incredibly excited to welcome her officially to the SynQ family of communities!

If you missed the livestream, catch the replay on YouTube at the CryptoSyndicate channel!


A recent Oxfam report estimated that “more than 500 million young people are surviving on less than $2 a day.” But that doesn’t mean that the crypto revolution is out of reach of everyone but the wealthiest.

Too Broke for Bitcoin is Ash’s guide to building a crypto portfolio without access to capital or an entry exchange. We’re super excited that she took the time to share some of the ideas and process behind her new book. Available now through the Cryppick website!

>> Buy Too Broke for Bitcoin Here <<

Don’t forget to join the book community Too Broke For Crypto!


Follow Ash on social media:

Website – Cryppick.com

Twitter – @ashcrypto

Steemit – @ashr






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