December 2017

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Blockchain Asia – 2018 Outlook: The most comprehensive insights report from Fundamentals to Consumer Trend Analysis, including various demographic, psychographic, and geographic data-points. This report combines over 400 hours of research on NEO, OMG, WTC and QTUM to bring you the most detailed overview of each of these assets to provide interested investors a valuable summary of these companies.

Due to the financial nature of the findings and conclusions in this report as they are closely tied to company perception and consumer focus, some items may appear to be investment advice, however, this report is not to be construed as investment advice.

Length: 66 pages

Size: 2.2MB


Table of Contents – Free PDF Download

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Market Breakdown Report – Analyzing Privacy Coins in the Cryptocurrency market

  • Market Data Analysis
  • Business Stability Insights
  • Synthetic Value Assessments
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Business Operations
  • Psychographic Segmentation
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Consumer Behavioral Analysis
  • Market Projections

Includes the 1-month access to the private Slack Channel and Telegram Group to make analysis requests (1 per week, limit 3).

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for December 2017

  1. Chris C (verified owner)

    As a business owner with limited time I have to say this report is invaluable. The in depth analysis and break down of each asset was impressive. I don’t have the time to research every coin online and it’s also difficult to separate facts from pumps. This team did it for me. I couldn’t be happier. The CryptoSyndicate has a new loyal customer.

  2. kwegrzyn1992 (verified owner)

    Where do i begin, this team isn’t a PnD group, but, a well structured, well built team, with in detail fundamental analysis, The time and effort that the Cryptosyndicate team put in keeping information and informed on all topics is out of this world. Everything neatly wrapped in a bow tie which just requires you’re time and common sense to interpret. The Slack & telegram is filled with people down right committed not only in the team, to helping other members and keeping on top of all crypto information abroad. The Team is well forged, and i highly recommend not only the report, i personally had my image tarnished about reports after seeing what happens with other similar companies, but faith restored with the cryptosyndicate. Unreal team, and we all share the same goal.

    Earned themselves a loyal customer.

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