Introducing SynQ Mobile App — Next-Gen Communication for Crypto Communities

Introducing SynQ Mobile App — Next-Gen Communication for Crypto Communities

It’s finally here. We’ve been fielding “when SynQ android” comments for a while now, and we’re excited to announce that the wait is over: SynQ mobile apps for Android and iOS are available now at Google Play and the App Store.



SynQ is a next-gen communication platform designed specifically for crypto communities. The platform combines messaging and group channels with in-app features that bring the crypto markets directly to you.

In addition to direct messaging, the alpha release of SynQ lets you share information with the community using public, private, premium, and read-only channels. Post current events, technical analysis, and more in your community to spark discussion.

Premium channels can be unlocked with payments in BTC, LTC, or ETH. Read-only channels automatically thread replies so that important content stays organized and spotlighted. That makes it easier for members to browse channels and learn from all the great information shared by the community.

SynQ lets users control their experience on the platform by customizing their profile and following users who post valuable content. You can also block and report who aren’t posting in the spirit of the community.

Community managers can go a step further and even ban, deactivate, or mute users for specified periods of time.

SynQ started as the brainchild of CryptoSyndicate CEO Enrique Gutierrez. Long-time community members might know Enrique as the founder and uber-moderator of the CryptoSyndicate discussion and business intelligence group. Since 2017, CryptoSyndicate has been a source of premier crypto market discussion and analysis.

But as the CryptoSyndicate community grew, it became clear that existing platforms like Facebook and Slack didn’t provide the right functionality for crypto discussion. On Slack, important conversations were easily lost in the shuffle, and maintaining chat archives full of valuable information was shockingly expensive. In-depth and threaded discussions were next to impossible with Facebook’s creaky commenting system. Other alternatives like Telegram and Discord were overrun with spam and crypto scammers.

Without any good options, CryptoSyndicate set out to build a solution ourselves.

That communication and information sharing platform became SynQ. We’ve been developing SynQ for most of 2018, adding new team members along the way.

With the release of the SynQ alpha mobile app, we’re giving early access to the first communication platform designed specifically for crypto communities. With its secure closed API system and “free forever” pricing for users, SynQ is building a solid foundation where crypto communities can communicate, collaborate, and learn.

SynQ Alpha version is currently available in Android and iOS mobile and web apps. Visit Google Play or the App Store to download and sign up.

Visit for more information about SynQ, the first application suite designed specifically for crypto communities. For product updates and announcements, follow SynQ on Facebook and Twitter.

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